OPOS Raagi Mudde (a Karnataka Speciality)

Opos Ragi Mudde Recipe in Stove top Pressure Cooker or IP
In a 2ltr Stainless Steel Pr Cooker or IP
1 c water
A pinch of salt (optional)
2w on high (Steam and More 2 mins)
QPR, mix in 1/2 c ragi flour. Mix well to avoid lumps. Ensure there is no dry flour. Keep closed for 15mins.

Keep the pr cooker closed along with the whistle. No need to switch it on/warm/heat again.
Open and shape into mudde, by dipping your hand in cold water.

Use home ground ragi flour. It needs 2c of water for 1c of flour. Water required varies with flour. Fresh flours give better results.

Traditionally Ragi mudde is eaten with a very spicy sambar made with either spinach or something similar but spicy!

Courtesy and all due respects to Shri. Ramki of OPOS!

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