IP Setting for OPOS – Steam & More

*Instant Pot (IP) Setting Options*
IP setting:
High Pressure
*Steam and more Setting:* – The highest possible heat setting in an IP
For 3Q IP:Press Steam button again to change to MORE option.
For 6Q IP: press Adjust button to change to MORE option.

Set to
Venting mode or Sealing Mode

QPR – Quick Pressure Release
NPR – Normal Pressure Release

All other settings like High Pressure, Low Pressure mode: use the Pressure button.

Hope this helps!

Additional NOTES:
Steam and More is the highest setting in IP. Quick to come to high heat for OPOS cooking like Flash Cooking!
So that vegetables dont over cook as in traditional method or the need to keep tending to the veggies by opening to peek to see if it cooked right…
In OPOS method we flash cook veggies to preserve texture, color, and nutrients and then transfer quickly into a serving dish to stop the cooking process, preventing overcooking. Hope this helps!

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