Cranberry-Ginger Pickle/Relish/Tokku

Cranberry Ginger Pickle/Relish/Tokku, No Oil, No Sugar or Jaggery
(A variation on Allum Pachadi a favorite in many homes)

1/2 Cup water
1 lb or 2-3 cups washed fresh cranberries or frozen no sugar added cranberries
2 C finely chopped organic ginger or minced in food processor
1 C very finely chopped dates or date paste

1 TBS chilli powder, adjust to taste
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp hing/aseofetida

Do not cook these spices: (Sprinkle after the cooking process is complete)
1 TBS dry roasted and powdered black mustard seeds
1 TBS dry roasted and powdered methi/fenugreek seeds

Layer all the above listed ingredients in an Instant Pot (IP) in the order listed above. Do not mix all the ingredients. If the spices touch the bottom of the inner pot they is a possibility of burning and a burn warning in the instant pot. Layer all ingredients with the spices as the top most layer.
Turn IP on high pressure for 5 mins. As soon as the cooking time completes, quick release by venting.

Open, mix well and sprinkle with powdered – 1 TBS dry roasted black mustard seeds + 1 TBS dry roasted methi/fenugreek seeds.
Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator for upto a month.

Enjoy with chapati, roti, toast, upma, handvo, muthia etc. Or with plain rice or curd rice. or on bagles, bread toast, with oatmeal as savory oatmeal etc.😝😜
Lip smaking good!
Spicy and amazingly good. This is our family favorite!!!

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