Spicy Hummus

*Hummus Recipe with Variations*

1 Can Organic Chickpeas (or soaked and cooked 1.5 – 2 Cups Chickpeas or Chole)
2 TBS Dry roasted Sesame seeds, powdered
2-4 Garlic cloves
Juice of 1 Lime or Lemon
1-2 Jalapenos (optional)
2-4 Green Chilis (optional)
Salt to taste
Chickpea water (aquafaba)

Grind all ingredients to a food processor or blender until creamy smooth! Add the Chickpea water as required or additional plain water as required. Adjust all flavorings to your taste!

Enjoy with Veggie Sticks – Carrot, Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Oil free Pita Chips, Oil Free Butter free crackers etc.

Make with different kinds of Beans – Black chickpeas (kala Chana), Black beans, Cannelini beans, Pinto beans, Red Kidney beans, Black eyed peas etc.

Spicy: Jalapenos, Green Chilis, Cayene pepper, Red chili powder, Red Pepper flakes, Siracha or any other spicy flavoring of your choice.

Herbs: Cilantro Flavored, Garlic Flavored, Roasted Garlic Flavored, Cilantro Flavored, Mint Flavored, Kale Flavored, Sun dried Tomato flavored, Pesto Flavored, Spinach flavored etc.

Thin it down with water, adjust flavorings to make a delicious salad dressing.

Ask family members to come up with their favorite flavor!!!
Thin it down to make an *excellent Salad Dressing*! Just adjust spices!
Make often, enjoy often with raw veggies!!!

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