Loaded Nacho Supreme or Taco Salad (Includes Pico de gallo & Guacamole)

My signature Taco Salad, Pico de gallo and Guacamole Ingredients: Mexican Taco Salad: 1 head Dark Green Romaine Lettuce (Shredded) or organic baby spinach or organic spring mix 1 each Grated, Carrot, Jicama, Beetroot, Turnips, Radish (any Combination) 1 each Chopped, Red, Yellow, Green Bell Pepper 1 English Cucumber, diced 1 ½ cups cooked BlackContinue reading “Loaded Nacho Supreme or Taco Salad (Includes Pico de gallo & Guacamole)”

Gopal’s Super Salads

Everyday Delightful Salads..raw..healthy..oil free! Simple TemplateNo recipe..Formula is : Vegetables + Fruits + Nuts for Fiber + Micronutrients + Prebiotics + Complex Carbs + Proteins + Whole fats(Nuts) MIX & MATCH: Step 1: 1-2 veggies(greens/cucumber/tomato/zuchini/radish/beet/papaya any fruits of your choice) Step 2: 1-2 fruits(mango/apple/strawberry/kiwi/plum/apricot/avocado etc) Step 3: Nuts(pistachio/cashew/almond/pecans/walnuts/peanuts etc) or Seeds (Hemp/Chia/pumpkin/sesame etc)+ Prebiotics (AppleContinue reading “Gopal’s Super Salads”

Sprouts – A powerhouse of nutrients, simple method

Sprouts are the highest in anti-oxidants, similar to berries and many other fruits and vegetables. They are a powerhouse of nutrients and pack a sizable amount of proteins as well. Whole beans and lentils are very easy to sprout and add a wonderful variety to any meal. They can be lightly blanched, cooked, ground upContinue reading “Sprouts – A powerhouse of nutrients, simple method”