Meal Service

This organic, home cooked meal service is 100% whole food plant based, complete with fruits, salads and dips, sabzis, unpolished rice/millets/wheat and millet rotis, and even plant-based yogurt, Mexican food, Italian Food, Thai food, American food. It also includes baked snacks, matri, pakoda, samosa & mixture, plus desserts, breads, cakes, and other delicacies coming soon!)

For our pilot, we are opening up spots only for you, supporters of the Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutrition Plan, and your loved ones. We will begin with both South and North Indian food, then add on other cuisines. Please enroll to become a part of the team that test-runs our newest initiative to bring a movement of change in how we view food! To register, please fill out our google form

and complete the payment at

We require *10 weekly subscribers* to test run this initiative successfully. So please do spread the word among your friends and family about this closed-group pilot program, and request them to support us as we get started on the Healthy Nutrition Campaign.

Thank you for your support!