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Healthy, Convenient and Nutritious Food made for you

Get healthy, nutritious and tasty food made just for you, by a Cornell University certified plant based nutritionist, Shobha Swamy. She is also a certified Food for Life instructor through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

So what can you expect? 2 meals per day for 2 people for 7 days. If you just ordered takeout, it will cost anywhere between $35-40 per day ($245-$280/week) or even just junk food – it will cost you $25 on an average ($175) for 2 for 2 meals a day.

What if, you could eat healthy, tasty plant based food, carefully and affectionately prepared for you by someone who really knows what they are doing? And she cares about nutrition! Check out the options below and select the choice that meets your needs.

This is what you can expect in a typical weekly menu:

  • Flavored flat breads
  • Slow cooked lentils (daal entree)
  • Flavored beans
  • Dry subzi (curry/entree)
  • Gravy Subzi (curry/entree)
  • Flavored grains like Quinoa
  • Brown Rice or Millet Pulao (pilaf) (varies)

Just 2 Simple steps!

1) Pay for the # of weeks you want

2) Pick up on the first Saturday, before the week starts (delivery options coming soon)

Must pay by Wednesday to start subscription on Saturday. You will be billed every week. PayPal will require you to create an account if you do not have one.

3 Month subscription – $79/week (only 3 spots available)

2 Month Subscription $99/week (only 2 spots available)

1 month subscription $119/week (only 2 spots available)

If you just want to try this out for ONE week, Then use the button below. (only 2 spots available) – must pay by Wednesday before the Saturday you want to start.

Weekly Package – Pay Once a week

$99/ week

Half a week’s Supply – Pay Every Other week

$99 Paid every 2 weeks