Red Beet Cutlets/Burger

[Red Beet Cutlets (a signature dish at Annapoorna) are the same as Burgers that everyone is familiar with. Back in India we make cutlets out of potatoes, raw green bananas, black chick peas and a host of other types of cutlets! Today’s is not only our family favorite but is the favorite of many ofContinue reading “Red Beet Cutlets/Burger”

Nut free no-cheese Cheese

This recipe curtesy ‘Cooking With Plants’. This nut free cheese is very simple to make and is creamy and delicious! It can be used for Mac No-Cheese as well as a dip for steamed or oven roasted veggies. Enjoy!! Ingredients:1/2-1 medium head cauliflower oven roasted1 whole red bell pepper roasted, skip for alfredo sauce1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats1/2 cup nutritionalContinue reading “Nut free no-cheese Cheese”