Loaded Nacho Supreme or Taco Salad (Includes Pico de gallo & Guacamole)

My signature Taco Salad, Pico de gallo and Guacamole Ingredients: Mexican Taco Salad: 1 head Dark Green Romaine Lettuce (Shredded) or organic baby spinach or organic spring mix 1 each Grated, Carrot, Jicama, Beetroot, Turnips, Radish (any Combination) 1 each Chopped, Red, Yellow, Green Bell Pepper 1 English Cucumber, diced 1 ½ cups cooked BlackContinue reading “Loaded Nacho Supreme or Taco Salad (Includes Pico de gallo & Guacamole)”

Spicy Hummus

*Hummus Recipe with Variations* 1 Can Organic Chickpeas (or soaked and cooked 1.5 – 2 Cups Chickpeas or Chole)2 TBS Dry roasted Sesame seeds, powdered2-4 Garlic clovesJuice of 1 Lime or Lemon1-2 Jalapenos (optional)2-4 Green Chilis (optional)Salt to tasteChickpea water (aquafaba) Grind all ingredients to a food processor or blender until creamy smooth! Add theContinue reading “Spicy Hummus”

Cranberry-Ginger Pickle/Relish/Tokku

Cranberry Ginger Pickle/Relish/Tokku, No Oil, No Sugar or Jaggery (A variation on Allum Pachadi a favorite in many homes) Ingredients:1/2 Cup water1 lb or 2-3 cups washed fresh cranberries or frozen no sugar added cranberries2 C finely chopped organic ginger or minced in food processor1 C very finely chopped dates or date paste Spices:1 TBSContinue reading “Cranberry-Ginger Pickle/Relish/Tokku”

Nut free no-cheese Cheese

This recipe curtesy ‘Cooking With Plants’. This nut free cheese is very simple to make and is creamy and delicious! It can be used for Mac No-Cheese as well as a dip for steamed or oven roasted veggies. Enjoy!! Ingredients:1/2-1 medium head cauliflower oven roasted1 whole red bell pepper roasted, skip for alfredo sauce1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats1/2 cup nutritionalContinue reading “Nut free no-cheese Cheese”

My Amma’s Vanghibhat Powder recipe

Ingredients:1/4 C Chana Dal1/4 C Urad dal1/2 C Dried Red chilies1/2 C Bedgi Red Chilies1 C Coridander seeds1 C Copra or dessicated coconut1 TBS poppy seeds2 in. piece Cinnamon1/2 tsp Aesofotida1 tsp Salt Dry roast dals separetely.Dry roast red chilies and coriander seeds together.Powder coarsely without coconut. Add coconut in the end and powder. StoreContinue reading “My Amma’s Vanghibhat Powder recipe”

My Amma’s Bisibele bhat powder recipe

Ingredients:1/4 C chana dal1/4 C urad dal1 C dhania seeds30-40 dried red chilies4 inch piece cinnamon1 C Dry copra (lightly roasted) or dessicated coconut1-2 tsp Hing (aesofotida)1 tsp Salt Directions:Dry roast coriander seeds and dried red chilies and set aside to cool, until crispy.Dry roast chana dal and urad dal and set aside to cool,Continue reading “My Amma’s Bisibele bhat powder recipe”

My Amma’s Sambar Powder recipe

Ingredients:2 C coriander seeds1/2 C chana dal1/2 C urad dal1 C whole dried red chiliesa few pieces cinnamon1/2 tsp hing (aesofotida)2 C copra or dessicated coconut Directions:Dry roast coriander seeds and dried red chilies and set aside to cool, until crispy.Dry roast chana dal and urad dal and set aside to cool, until mildly brown.DryContinue reading “My Amma’s Sambar Powder recipe”

My Amma’s Rasam Powder recipe

Ingredients:4 C coriander seeds4 C whole dried red chilies1/2 TBS fenugreek seeds1 tsp black pepper corn1 tsp cumin1 tsp mustard seeds1/2 tsp Hing (Aesofotida)1 small bunch curry leaves Directions:Dry roast fenugreek, peppercorn, and cumin, until light brown and set aside to cool.Grind to a fine powder.Dry roast coriander seeds, chilies, and curry leaves, until lightContinue reading “My Amma’s Rasam Powder recipe”

Instant Pot Karnataka Gojju/Gotsu

A karnataka favorite Gojju is a sour-spicy-sweet relish that adds flavor and spice to any meal. It complements any Indian meal with the burst of flavors that it encapsulates. Option of vegetables: Bittergourd, Okra, Eggplant, Pineapple, Organic Clementine Peel, Butternut squash, Pumpkin, Raisins etc. In an Instant Pot or pressure cooker layer:1. 1/4 C tamarindContinue reading “Instant Pot Karnataka Gojju/Gotsu”