Thai Basil Fried (oil free)

Thai Basil Fried Rice – No oil Recipe Vegetables – see options below Spice Mixture – see below for ingredients Tofu – 1 block organic tofu Brown Rice – 1 C, cooked Thai Basil – 1 big bunch Vegetables: Use veggies of your choice and availability.BroccoliOnionsCabbage – green or purpleCarrotsZucchiniYellow squashSnowpeasBaby cornGreen, yellow, orange, redContinue reading “Thai Basil Fried (oil free)”

Bisi bele bhat – my Amma’s speciality

In Kannada (a language spoken in the state of Karnataka, India)Bisi = hotBele = daalBhath = made of rice/grain (and now cauliflower rice) Bisi Bele Bhath is a speciality of Karnataka. It is a favorite among kids and parents alike. If loaded with lots and lots of vegetables it makes a very nutritious and tastyContinue reading “Bisi bele bhat – my Amma’s speciality”