Garam Masala – a spice blend

[Garam masala is an Indian spice blend of some of the most flavorful spices from India. India was well known for centuries for its spice trade and use of spices to flavor everyday foods. This recipe is from a very good friend of mine who gave me a big jar of Garam Masala and theContinue reading “Garam Masala – a spice blend”

My Amma’s Vanghibhat Powder recipe

Ingredients:1/4 C Chana Dal1/4 C Urad dal1/2 C Dried Red chilies1/2 C Bedgi Red Chilies1 C Coridander seeds1 C Copra or dessicated coconut1 TBS poppy seeds2 in. piece Cinnamon1/2 tsp Aesofotida1 tsp Salt Dry roast dals separetely.Dry roast red chilies and coriander seeds together.Powder coarsely without coconut. Add coconut in the end and powder. StoreContinue reading “My Amma’s Vanghibhat Powder recipe”

Thai Basil Fried (oil free)

Thai Basil Fried Rice – No oil Recipe Vegetables – see options below Spice Mixture – see below for ingredients Tofu – 1 block organic tofu Brown Rice – 1 C, cooked Thai Basil – 1 big bunch Vegetables: Use veggies of your choice and availability.BroccoliOnionsCabbage – green or purpleCarrotsZucchiniYellow squashSnowpeasBaby cornGreen, yellow, orange, redContinue reading “Thai Basil Fried (oil free)”

No Oil seasoning tadka/oggarne/thaalippu/vaghar – Make it Pop!

Oil-free Tadka or Seasoning Ingredients:1 C chana dal (split chana dal) 1 C urad dal (split urad dal) 1 C jeera 1 C small black mustard seeds 1 C sesame seeds 1 C dry red chilies 1 C curry leaves Method: 1. Heat a wok or steel kadai on medium heat.2. Roast each dal separately,Continue reading “No Oil seasoning tadka/oggarne/thaalippu/vaghar – Make it Pop!”

No Oil Parathas

Ingredients: 1 C organic whole wheat flour1/2 C water (add 1 tbs of water at time) Method: 1. Mix with the back end of a wooden ladle to wet sand consistency until no dry flour remains. Set aside for an hour so that the dough becomes soft and pliable.2. Pinch off a golf ball sizedContinue reading “No Oil Parathas”

Spicy Eggplant & Potatoes Curry

Switch to draftPreview(opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab)UpdateAdd title No oil, one pot method of making a side of veggies in the Instant Pot. Ingredients: 1/4 C water1/2 a large red onion cut into thin long strips2 potatoes, cubed1 big Italian eggplant, cubedSpices:2 tsp coriander powder2 tsp cumin powder1 tsp red chiliContinue reading “Spicy Eggplant & Potatoes Curry”